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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Companies |

McAfee Founder flees to Guatemala, is arrested and sent to Belize

McAfee Founder flees to Guatemala, is arrested and sent to Belize

John McAfee, founder of the antivirus that bears his name, was involved in a complex plot police several months ago, when it began to be wanted for the murder of his neighbor in Belize . According to said at the time, was convinced that the death of Gregory Faull in the Central American country had been in error, because people would be looking for him to kill him.

McAfee (67 years) began to hide from the authorities of Belize, and recently learned that he had entered with his girlfriend of 20 years to evade authorities. However the plan did not turn out very well, since he was arrested at the Intercontinental Hotel in Guatemala City, and will now be returned to to face the authorities there.

“He entered the country illegally and seek his expulsion for this crime,” said Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla.

McAfee behavior has been described as “erratic” in recent years, and although police questioning Belize wants Faull’s death, also said that the creator of the virus is one of the main suspects.

McAfee’s return to Belize may be delayed due to the actions filed by his lawyer, Telesforo Guerra, who seek to have the case reviewed by the justice. McAfee wanted to get political asylum in Guatemala.

The millionaire, who sold his business to Intel in 2011 and living in Belize for four years, was also being investigated previously for illegal possession of weapons , and was suspected of having a drug processing laboratory. McAfee has denied these accusations, claiming that he is being persecuted for not giving money to the country’s ruling party, which politicians have refused meanwhile.

Regarding accusations that are made about the death of Faull, McAfee told Reuters that “why would outstrip the body and all the evidence? I’m not stupid. “

Link: Guatemala detains McAfee, to expel him to Belize (Reuters)

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