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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Internet |, the new MegaUpload, will launch on January 19, the new MegaUpload, will launch on January 19

conducted an “official announcement” for your next project, simply called “Mega” and that we were already aware of what it is here . The new service will store files in the cloud, but they are encrypted and only users will have a key to read the content. The company and the authorities will have access to that key, unless the user share publicly.

The service will operate in the domain corresponding to Gabon, not only because it is just the name but because using domains that are under the control of the United States, as. com or. net, represents a danger. Same for the hosting.

“Unfortunately we can not work with U.S. based companies. The security service providers delivering the Millennium Copyright Act has been undermined by the Justice Department with this new criminal persecution, “said Docom.

“It’s not safe for storage sites in the or any other business that allows user generated content be hosted on servers in the United States or domains as. Com or. Net. The U.S. government domains is often confiscated without due process or provide a hearing service providers “, he said.

In advertising that can be seen as, states that “on 19 January this button will change the world.” was closed on January 20 last year.

Link: Kim Dotcom Avoids “unsafe.” com, picks for new MegaUpload (TorrentFreak)

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