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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Social Networks |

Medium and Branch: The new social network of parents of Twitter

Medium and Branch: The new social network of parents of Twitter

Is there room in the virtual world for new social networks? Or better yet, do we have time to manage a profile on a social network in addition to those we already have?

If you are someone who believes that this business model on the Web is exhausted, let me tell you that Twitter’s parents disagree, and thus embark on the adventure twice: Medium and Branch, two new Ev Williams and Biz Stone, co-founders of Twitter, are already being tested.

But wait! Medium, which mimics the name of the popular TV series, not used to contact dead in this case, although that name may mislead: Allows you to create conversations through images.

As explained in EuropaPress, Medium album is a kind of virtual images that can be shared on a thread with their comments. New? Well, there are a few social networks that are inspired by images, as Pinterest, Instagram, and Piictu , who comes to do more or less the same but for iPhone users.

Meanwhile, Branch , is based on conversations similar to those found in itself: It resembles the operation of mentions on Twitter, but with more space to post pictures, attachments and comments … even related to the network social than 140 characters, so you can enter the service with your Twitter user.

Both social networks are being tested, and from the websites you can request an invitation to start them to use as soon as possible if you are at that point of emotion. I confess that since I’m a bit lazy this social network, for example I have practically abandoned Google +, and that both the mobile Gmail as my handle every day to remind me that there …

Anyway, I particularly think the problem is that social networks are useful for us, and to that extent, we use them, so I think the success that may have baby girls (and those that are to come) lies what need to come to meet.

I put as an example in my case: I use Twitter to stay informed of topics that interest me, almost minute by minute. I use Facebook to contact friends and relatives who live far away, and whose lives I’m finding out through the pictures and comments they post on their profiles. LinkedIN to maintain professional contacts, and Instagram Pinterest and photo sharing. And a little more I need at the moment!

So according to Medium and meet communication needs will see their growth. Of course, now have to wait and ask for the invitation, if you want to try one, or are you being so saturated “sociable”?

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