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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Internet |

Meebo says goodbye to some of its services

Meebo says goodbye to some of its services

The history and know: Google bought Meebo did not reveal the figures of its acquisition, and incidentally moved the team to +. What exactly happens with Meebo? Some services are beginning to lower the shade from next month, so from already warns users that it would be best to start downloading some information on them can be very valuable.

On 11 July, the Chat says goodbye, and from a place specially prepared for the occasion you can download all the logs that date, then there will be no chance. The same day also terminated Share on Meebo, and who want to have their hand history can also download when you log on Meebo Me widgets will stop working also on 11 July and 12 July, all mobile applications Meebo on iPhone, Blackberry and Android will be turned off permanently.

Since Meebo also clarify that luck will be very different for the Meebo Bar, which will continue to receive updates and upgrades in the near and medium. Is anyone going to miss the missing services?

Link: Meebo Discontinued Products

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