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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Hardware News |

Meet Catbot: The robot that walks and runs like a cat

Meet Catbot: The robot that walks and runs like a cat

About two months ago, the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL) presented their Cheetah-Cub , which although initially wanted, to run as cheetah, because its structure is not permitted, finally decided to program the galloping horse.

The robot did not have the flexible trunk cheetah, but a rigid trunk. The bending of the spine contribute to the reach high speeds (up to 110 Km / h). The robot Cheetah-Cub, could not run so fast because your trunk rigid.

This time, Swiss made a modification to the Cheetah robot. They have upgraded, they put the new model, named Catbot, for this time, and like a real (see video).

Thanks to his legs, the design faithfully reproduces the morphology of feline, has the same advantages of the pet: it is light and fast.

Still in the experimental stage, this robot will serve as a platform for research in locomotion and biomechanics. The trunk is still rígido.A though does not have a head, you can easily tell that it is a cat to see it go.

Its special feature is the design of its legs, which makes it pretty fast and stable. Robots developed from this concept, eventually could be used in search and rescue missions or exploration.

This robot is the fastest in its class, ie small quadruped robots under 30Kg. During testing, has demonstrated its ability to run almost seven times the length of his body in a second.

Although not as agile as a real cat, still has excellent self-stabilization characteristics when run at full speed or on a path that includes disturbances.

The researchers developed the robot based on the thorough and faithful reproduction of the cat’s leg. The number of segments (three per leg) and their proportions are the same as those of a cat. The springs are used to play the tendons, and actuators (small motors that convert the energy in motion) to replace the muscles.

“This gives the robot morphology mechanical properties that benefit cats, ie a remarkable ability locomotion with elasticity and stability,” explains Alexander Sprowitz, a scientist biorobotics. “The robot is thus naturally more independent.”

Link: Swiss scientists create Catbot: a robot That runs like a cat (


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