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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Companies |

Meet Julie Larson-Green, the new person in charge of Windows

Meet Julie Larson-Green, the new person in charge of Windows

was until yesterday president of the Division at Microsoft, leaving the position for reasons that remain unclear, after 23 years as an employee in the company. In his role now was Julie Larson-Green, who previously served as corporate vice president, responsible for managing the organization of thousands of workers across several projects under its wing maintained. Now, you happen to be at the head of the team that creates nothing less than Windows.

is more than just a good organizer. It takes 19 years at and is a fan of the user experience, climbing on stage several times during important presentations to show how some new products. It also has great skills to promote teamwork through various divisions and different areas in the company, which would have been the weak point of Sinofsky, who preferred self-employment.

Early in his career, the new head of Windows studied business administration, however, always showed interest in working in areas related to computer science, with his first job at the company Aldus PageMaker software creator later was sold to Adobe. This is where she learned to program computers as an autodidact, until finally he studied computer science before becoming head of development at Aldus.

Six years later, in 1993, came to Microsoft and went through the areas of Visual C++, Internet Explorer and Office, taking care now of user experience and design of user interfaces, adjudging creating the tabbed interface Ribbon today Queen in Windows, but that she first introduced in Office.

From then on everything was successful, taking great prominence during the recent launch of Windows 8, which finally took shape as the replacement for Steven Sinofsky, a decision that was in the hands of CEO Steve Ballmer, who never hesitated to leave the area by Windows, one of the most important products of the company.

Link: Meet Julie Larson-Green, the woman who will lead Windows (The Verge)

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