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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Hardware News |

Meet Kirobo: The Japanese astronaut robot

Meet Kirobo: The Japanese astronaut robot

The company Dentsu in conjunction with Toyota and the University of Tokyo, are the creators of Kirobot. Do not be fooled by their appearance mignon. Kirobot not a toy, but a specifically designed to be sent into space. Its Japanese creators him as the Japanese hope to show the world, the skills of Japan.

Japan aware that China has achieved economically and technologically overcome (at least ostensibly) after launching the world’s most powerful supercomputer, when they themselves seek finance to refurbish its supercomputer K-Computer, desire with this project robotic-space, show that are still a country with many technological skills.

Kirobot be launched on August 4 as part of a mission of the Japanese Space Agency, to stay at while in ISS. This initiative has been dubbed Japanese Kibo Robot Project.

In fact, he and his twin brother Mirata, which will serve as “robot copy” (backup) are equipped with advanced speech recognition, natural language processing, realistic body language and facial recognition. They will participate in the first experience of world conversation between people and robots in space, but also converse and interact from space, with children on earth, performing educational activities. So to speak, in a way, do something similar to what I did for several months Canadian Chris Hadfield, who recently resigned from the Space Agency to retire and return to his native Canada.

Here the video presentation.

Link: Japanese robots and Mirata Kirobo set for launch, literally (


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