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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Internet, Software |

Mega is the new MegaUpload

Mega is the new MegaUpload

In an interview with Wired , revealed some of his plans to “revive MegaUpload”, something that has been promised for some time from the Twitter account of the late founder of the service. First, the new Mega simply be called and includes a series of changes that differentiate the service known until now.

Although it remains a system that will upload, store and share large files in the cloud, based on users subscribed, brings interesting changes in performance. These are summarized as:

  • The files that are uploaded will be encrypted in the user’s browser, and it will get a unique key to decrypt the file.
  • Will users who have control over the access to a file that was uploaded to the service, depending on who you share or not the access key.
  • Because Mega not have the key, the company can not review the files uploaded to its storage service, either a song, movie, video game, etc.. This makes Mega can not be responsible for the material you post their users, and they can not sue for that. “Whatever you stand on the site, will be closed without a key and private,” Dotcom said.
  • Do not apply the “duplication” on their servers, a system used to save space. For example, by doubling if two users upload the same file, it actually rises only once and gives access to the two people the same. But Mega operate differently: If a hundred users upload the same file, is encrypted and will rise a hundred times a hundred times, generating several hundred keys to decrypt. Remove all require 100 applications from the studios and labels.

According to the founder of MegaUpload, the only way to close a service of this type would be declared illegal file encryption, something that is unlikely to occur. Additionally, Mega store the data into two groups of redundant servers located in two different countries.

“So even if a country is going crazy happens from a legal perspective and freeze all servers, for example – do not expect anything, because we comply with all laws of the countries where we put servers – or if a natural disaster there is still a second place where all files are available. Thus, it is impossible to be subject to the kind of abuse that we had in the United States, “said Mathias Ortmann, Dotcom partner.

No doubt that this would hinder the pursuit of piracy and make it more difficult to pursue. According to Ortmann, it is the users who choose to violate using new technologies and existing laws to deal with these situations. “If you are the copyright owner and keys to decrypt links published on the web, and verifies that the file is a violation of your copyright, you may send a DMCA notice and request that file is removed, as before,” he says.

Link: MegaUpload is Dead. Long live Mega! (Wired)

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