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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Internet |

Megaupload judge off the case after saying ‘USA is the enemy ‘

Megaupload judge off the case after saying 'USA is the enemy '

A new episode in the case Megaupload: The judge handling the Extradition of in New Zealand, David Harvey, expressed at a conference in which he participated last week, a phrase that compromises their impartiality: “We have met the enemy, and is the United States. “

The story goes like this: Harvey made the comment in reference to a tweet from one of the participants at a conference on Internet and intellectual property rights which was, and he remembered the words of Walt Kelly : “We have met the enemy, and I is us “(“ We have found the enemy and he is us “) and making a play on words, Harvey changed the meaning of the message saying:” We have met the enemy, and I is U.S. “(” We have found the enemy, and is the “).

What a mess it was! And is that regardless of whether you share the opinion of Harvey or not, the point is that such a claim is quite controversial, and even more being he who must decide on the case in Megaupload. For this reason the judge has cut their losses and put the waiver, as explained Jan Marie Doogue, the chief district court Zealand:

“(Harvey) recognizes that the comments he has made during his participation at a conference on Internet and intellectual property law could affect their impartiality, and that the appropriate response is to stop the case.”

Now the case will take the judge Dawsoon Nevin, who will take over the extradition of Kim Dotcom United States has requested, and whose views have been postponed to March next year as I had here a few days ago .

All these what would it be a misunderstanding? Or did he do this with every intention? Would it be a betrayal of his subconscious? Maybe one day we reveal the Wikileaks cable, or something like that, what do you think?

Dotcom judge quits the case (NZHerald)
The Judge ‘event Megaupload’ leave to say that “America is the enemy” (The Country)

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