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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Hardware News |

Memjet has the world’s fastest printer

Memjet has the world's fastest printer

Memjet, if someone does not know the name, is a company that is dedicated to creating technology for printers. And today claiming to have the world’s fastest printer, capable of printing up to 60 pages in full color complete in just a minute.

The model in question is EvoJet Office 2 (manufactured by Lomond) and its due to the design that includes a single stationary head piece, along with 70,000 nozzles from where it exits the ink that is impregnated in the pages. But not only boasts speed people because otherwise this new is efficient in the use of color ink, allowing the input costs do not go into the clouds.

According to company representatives, in offices is printed in black and white simply because color printing is very expensive, thanks to the new EvoJet two, things should start changing. And for that, this model is aimed at businesses and offices of all sizes, and by any printer manufacturer that wants to use the technology developed by Memjet.

Link: Memjet launches super speedy office color printer (The Inquirer)

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