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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Social Networks |

Men v/s women: how they behave in social networks?

Men v / s women: how they behave in social networks?

and do not have the same in the network. Our differences may seem subtle, but are magnified in the use of Internet social platforms where, until now, women are the ones best suited to social networks.

According to a study conducted in Europe by the consulting firm Porter Novelli , no significant differences between Internet social behavior of men and women, because while women have access to to communicate with friends, men do it for fun, review contingency issues and check-in on the popular network FourSquare. This means that women have a preference for the use of Facebook, while men are left with the immediacy and simplicity of Twitter.

This data is bolstered by another study, this time throughout by Intel in various cities in Mexico, Argentina and Chile, and reveals that 33% of Latin American women use as a means of communication with friends, with 8 of every 10 women who preferred to use social networks to be more connected with others, using chat rooms that offer networks like the one mentioned Facebook. On the other hand, men are more inclined to gathering information, reviewing videos and creating content, in addition to preference for providing opinions on matters of contingency Twitter.

Each gender has different preferences, but both converge on the interest shown by reading messages and view pictures of friends, while men prefer to look before commenting, while women are more assiduous to comment on the content viewed through social networks.

In the case of content generated by different brands in social platforms, you can also see differences between men and women. While women continue to brands for updates, offers and discounts, the men follow them just because they like or identify with the brand, but do not engage in relationship with the company you follow. Women, however, are not only a brand, they generate feedback with her, saying their products, participate in contests, among other things.

According to both studies, women are much more active behavior in social networks, they use more and more participatory than men. They, however, prefer to interact in social networks in cases where they wish to review, generate content and share opinions. And you, how you participate in social networks?

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