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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Economy |

MEPs vote to create a unified patent system for 2014

MEPs vote to create a unified patent system for 2014

The European Parliament approved the creation of a unified system of patents for its 25 member countries, except Spain and Italy over differences with one of the rules regarding the languages to be used to make requests.

In three voting members approved the first unified system itself, then that applications for new are made in only three languages, German, English and French, rather than the languages of all countries, and finally, there is a unified and specialized legal system for these cases.

The common is available for all companies in the EU, with the possibility of requesting a translation into one of the 23 official languages. Now what remains is that the measure is ratified by at least 13 members of the European Union, and if the adoption should take effect in January 2014.

The estimates a reduction in the cost of registering a new patent by 80%, largely due to translation costs. Currently, registering a patent in costs about $ 46,000, about 18 times more expensive than it costs in the United States (U.S. $ 2,600) and 60 times more expensive than in China (U.S. $ 780).

Link: The EU gives green light to single patent (EP)

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