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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Entertainment |

Mercedes-Benz gets in Social SimCity

Mercedes-Benz gets in Social SimCity

Social SimCity is the version of Sim City game that EA is preparing for the Facebook platform.

The title is almost the classic Sim City only integrating all the elements that characterize this social network games. In other words, you neighbors, your actions will affect them, theirs to you, and clear as they could forget the shopping inside the game (the real gold mine for these casual games).

The news is that and the car company Mercedes-Benz announced a partnership to integrate both the German mark in the game.

Is the idea of product placement within the game, in this case, Mercedes-Benz will offer extra missions in and if you do it you get exclusive items for the game, for example, a factory Mercedes-Benz, which will dress your city without doubt.

If these types of missions have an additional cost not yet known but in principle not simply be a bonus for players to identify with the brand so that when someone has the money and want a car, go for a Mercedes-Benz.

Link: Mercedes and EA are committed to the ‘product placement’ ‘in-game’ with Social SimCity (Europa Press)

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