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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Social Networks |

Messages appear as former public to the Timeline of Facebook

Messages appear as former public to the Timeline of Facebook

(Cc) Delwin Steven Campbell

Apparently due to an error, are appearing on public walls of Facebook. Messages sent between 2007 and 2009 were the only ones who appeared at first, as users reported French , who were the first to discover the problem. However, reviewing a little more, until it was discovered that messages appear publicly last year too.

The messages are displayed in the under the “posted by friends”. The problem would affect only a few accounts, but do not know how many yet.

In France the issue already elevated levels of scandal, with Le Monde published on its front page that it is “a black day for Facebook” after publishing private messages.

It is not known whether the problem has spread to other places outside France, although TechCrunch said some U.S. users have been affected too.

issued a statement to the latter site, discrediting question of a leak of private messages. “A small number of users expressed concern after it mistakenly believed that private messages were appearing in your Timeline. Our engineers investigated these reports and found that the messages were publications ancient wall that had always been visible in the user’s profile, “said the company.

However, users insist that they are messages that were sent and private, and there are some leaked belong to Mark Zuckerberg himself. Facebook did not respond yet again.

Selon Facebook, les messages publiés sont des posts du Wall, pas des conversations privées (20 Minutes)
Facebook dément que des messages privés aient été rendus publics (Le Monde)
Facebook : d’anciens messages privés publiés sur la Timeline (Metro)
Facebook Users Report Seeing Old Private Messages Showing Up On Timelines As ‘Posted By Friends’ (TechCrunch – thanks Jason!)

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