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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Companies |

Metro style is called “Modern”

After the name Metro entered into a legal dispute , Microsoft decided to rename his style. According to ZDNET the name will simply be “Windows 8″ while The Verge says will be called “Modern”.

According to ZDNET unnamed sources, anything that used to be called “Metro style” (like “style applications Metro”) will now be known as “Windows applications 8″, and “Metro design” will be “Windows 8 design “. This is also supported in the Lenovo site for its new Thinkpad Tablet 2 released yesterday , says the team comes with “Windows desktop and applications 8.”

However, this name may cause confusion in Windows Phone, which would also have “Windows style 8″, which would be rare.

On The Verge, indicate that an employee of Microsoft have begun to call Metro “style of modern user interface,” or “Modern UI”. The company has used the terms “modern, immersive, fast and fluid” to describe Metro in the past, so you could opt for the first names as a replacement.

This might make more sense, considering that the “Modern style” not only be in Windows 8: reached m, will be integrated into Bing, the Xbox , Windows Phone, etc, so just close it to “Windows 8″ might be controversial for some products.

According to the memo from Microsoft , the new name would be revealed last week, however, the change has not been made official yet.

Microsoft now using ‘Modern UI Style’ to Refer to Windows 8 ‘Metro Style’ apps (The Verge)
Microsoft: Do not call it Metro. Call it ‘Windows 8′ (ZDNET)

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