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Mexico Government announces support for entrepreneurs lines

Mexico Government announces support for entrepreneurs lines

(Cc) curtm95 / Flickr

The president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, said lines of action that the will continue to support those who choose to engage in Aztec territory. Through the National Institute of (INADEM), the government will encourage the financing and capital to entrepreneurs, generating managerial skills and access to technology and adequate information.

The Chief Executive said the INADEM be responsible to encourage, support and ensure the success of entrepreneurs as it has been designed so that a good idea will result in a new company. According to the president of INADEM, Henry Jacob Rocha, “this is the time of entrepreneur”, so it will invest 9 billion pesos (USD $ 672 million) from the federal budget.

According to Jacob Rocha, the institution shall ensure that any entrepreneur has the ability and leadership to expand and grow their business.

Link: Entrepreneurs and businessmen, the federal government’s big gamble: Inadem (La Cronica de Hoy)

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