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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Science |

Mexico: Oaxaca Observatory eclipse Venus will see next week

Mexico: Oaxaca Observatory eclipse Venus will see next week

The astronomical phenomenon where Venus, the sun and Earth line up will occur on Tuesday June 5, and can be enjoyed from the 16 hours at the Municipal Astronomical Observatory Canuto Munoz, located in Oaxaca.

The transit of is an event that occurs four times within a period of 243 years. The first one was 1882, the second in 2004, the third will be this 2012 and the fourth in 105 years to 2117.

The will begin to be visible in Asia and Europe to end up in America, and in will be from 16:00 hours until sunset. Municipal Astronomical Observatory in conjunction with the Astronomical Society of Oaxaca, AC: Science Club and High School Technology Center Industrial and Service (CBTIS) 26 enabled six telescopes with alpha filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens and allow them to look directly at the sun.

Additionally, give lectures related to the topic. There will be a pre-Hispanic astronomy and subsequently more about Maya astronomy. Finally we talk about eclipses and occultations of planets.

Remember to take your precautions to see the eclipse will not see direct sunlight and do not use ordinary sunglasses, if you can, go to your local observatory or astronomy clubs looking for, surely they have the equipment so you can appreciate.

Link: Visible in Oaxaca, eclipse of Venus (Oaxaca Journal)

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