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Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Hardware |

Micron becomes the second RAM manufacturing world’s largest

Micron becomes the second RAM manufacturing world's largest

The manufacturing company, Technology pledged yesterday to buy its Japanese competitor (and leading provider of Apple) Elpidia by the amount of USD $2,500 million.

Micron makes the deal the second largest producer of RAM largest in the world, just a place under Samsung, which amazingly comes first. The Korean firm SK Hynx has been relegated to third place but still has a market share quite comfortable. Ente these three companies control 90% of the RAM industry, which is valued at USD $30,000 million.

Analysts think this acquisition will help to reassure the market of random access memory, which has been going through turmoil in recent years.

The RAM is quite complex to manufacture and requires large investments to make up a factory with the necessary infrastructure for mass production, the good thing is that after fulfilling the requirements supply can exceed demand, thus making prices lower product price.

The problem here is that everything looks to monopoly of this important piece of computer equipment. While not the only companies that manufacture RAM, they handle the volumes are the best price you can give companies like Apple, HP, Asus, Gateway, etc.. If manufacturers decide to fix the price of the reports at their convenience, then we would have to be that we end up paying the additional cost, which incidentally, would also affect the next generation of game consoles.

$2.5 billion deal world’s Micron Makes second biggest manufacturer RAM (The Verge)

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