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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware |

Microsoft already working on Surface 2

Microsoft already working on Surface 2

Despite kicking Acer and bad sides of some manufacturers, is apparently taking seriously the issue of creating their own hardware for Windows. According to new reports, the company is already working on the 2, successor to the device goes on sale in October with 8.

The idea that Microsoft believes its own computers have several manufacturers nervous, since the Redmond company will be a partner to become a competitor-partner, a relationship that could become complicated. Microsoft tried to calm the situation by saying that the Surface was a “reference design” for the other manufacturers follow suit. But what if the sample is not limited only to a device.

Confirmation of the appeared in an ad for jobs at Microsoft’s site, which was published that “the Surface team is focused on creating devices that fully express the vision of Windows (…) We are building the next version and I Surface needs “.

Another job ad also mentions the “next generation Surface”, explaining that the development team working experiences “touch first”, ie based on touch devices, so that does not appear that there will be desks or something Surface of that type.

Officially, the only announced Surface models are two: one which goes on sale in October and will come with Windows RT, and another due out in January with Pro

Although manufacturers can be passed to carry, do not really have many options to sell products more attractive, so that Windows 8 will probably not have trouble getting in different formats proposed by others.

Link: Sorry, PC Makers: Microsoft is building ‘Next Generation’ Surface (ComputerWorld)

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