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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Hardware |

Microsoft also can play hide and seek: it made the Surface in a bunker

Microsoft also can play hide and seek: he made the Surface in a bunker

Although Steve Ballmer, CEO said that PC makers were not surprised with the premiere of the Surface , however was some tension and even companies like Acer did not give the nod to the people strategy Redmond, which is not understood if Ballmer tells the truth about their partners have informed them about the plans for a tablet itself.

But Stevie Bathiche, the area of hardware at Microsoft, admitted that there was much secrecy surrounding the Development of the Surface, so much so that during the initial stages worked “in an underground with no windows,” and then move to a building where the slots ventilation was needed were secured and identification using biometrics to enter.

This method differs dramatically from how it used to work for the company, so unlike what it says Steve Ballmer, Microsoft does have concealed development to manufacturing partners, which explains why some are so angry now.

Link: Microsoft Developed in an underground bunker Surface (Electronista)

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