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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Science |

Microsoft and the NYPD develop software and monitoring of crime prevention

Microsoft and the NYPD develop software and monitoring of crime prevention

The scenario of the population seems to turn slowly in the universe imagined by Philip Dick’s novel “The Minority Report”, 1956, where any particular language or image could be considered to fall into the bases of the Precrime offices.

Now in conjunction with the NYPD has taken another step toward that side with an agreement to start using the “System Domain of Consciousness”, software that collects and analyzes all information relating to crime, of suspicious or unusual activities and monitoring of terrorists, including all calls placed to 911, the scanners circuit board crreados television, radiation detectors and historical patterns of crime in databases of state agencies.

This software offers an unlimited capacity for analysis and creating patterns to predict future crimes or threats, used by the and investigations, will allow not only to see criminal acts in the process but also geographically locate suspects and mark them as potential criminals.

The project presentation was made by the mayor of New York, during a press conference where it was reported that the joint work between Microsoft, which provided engineering and technological structure of development and the NYPD, in charge of the software architecture will be implemented soon in this city and, through a use agreement, the Redmond company will market to other cities, paying 30% of all revenue to its partners Yorkers.

During the presentation, a demonstration using a huge wall of screens called “Control Panel”. From this panel, was monitored with audio, video and geographic tracking, a complaint about a mysterious package. During the data collection process was reported to the police station nearest to the fact all the necessary information, including historical data, to take action on the case.

In 2006, IBM had signed an agreement with the NYPD to modernize their data collection and surveillance monitoring, base that was used partially for the new System Domain of Consciousness, name or Philip Dick himself could have imagined better .

Link: Microsoft and NYPD crime prevention and show off monitoring system (the verge)

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