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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft announces Windows 8 Release accidentally Preview is available today

Microsoft announces Windows 8 Release accidentally Preview is available today

posted on his blog, apparently by mistake, the next test version of Preview Release call will be available for download beginning today May 31.

The announcement was removed, but as the Internet, people are very quick, copies of the message Chuck Chan, vice president of the Windows development team, multiplied by the Internet. According to Chan, Release Preview was “made available today”, signing down with today’s date and the name – “Chuck Chan, May 31st.”

The message was removed a few moments after it was published, but most likely see it appear again for today.

Previously Microsoft had promised the Preview Release for the first week of June, something that would be taken very literally, considering that tomorrow is just 1 June.

There are no official announcements about when the final version will be available operating system, but is expected to debut in October. Unlike other “release candidate” before the Preview Release is not complete, and lacks some features that go into the final version.

A couple of weeks, for example, Microsoft said it will not continue using the Aero interface on the desktop of Windows 8, but this change will not be visible until the final version.

Link: Microsoft announces Windows 8 Accidentally Release Preview availability for May 31 (Neowin)

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