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Posted by on Aug 11, 2012 in Hardware News |

Microsoft begins development of Windows 9 alias Does Windows Blue?

Microsoft begins development of Windows 9 alias Does Windows Blue?

Next week (Wednesday August 15th) Microsoft released the RTM edition of its new operating system Windows 8 , which will release the new user interface Modern UI (formerly known as Metro), for which no time, begins the of its successor to temporarily known as 9.

Windows 8, initially known by its code name Windows vNext reached the final stage of development yesterday, so it is estimated that the RTM version will be released on August 15 will incorporate all changes made to that date. But with the end of the stage of development of Windows 8, begins the process of development of its successor, Windows 9.

Apparently the upcoming is codenamed Windows??, With two questions which have curiously blue, suggesting that possibly his code name is “Windows Blue”, or who knows what another reference point the blue company software (Microsoft).

Unfortunately it is too early to know what the future will incorporate new operating system, but we believe the reception (mass or minority) running Windows 8 in the first few months will have much influence on the future will look like Windows 9, referring obviously to the interface user.

For the rest of the new features of Windows 9, it is not hard to guess that will be focused on getting the most out of the multiple cores of today’s CPUs, also the parallel computing power of GPUs , components thanks to the increasing adoption GPU-accelerated computation are gaining greater prominence and emerging as a new co-processor that helps the CPU to increase performance.

Another of his points will undoubtedly support the new architecture to 64 bits ARMv8 ARM, so it is very likely to see in future editions of Windows 9 for machines 32 and 64 bits, as well as we have for x86 32 teams and 64 bits.

Anyway, for now we can only speculate, and do not have any concrete until the first Windows Builds 9 are released by Microsoft and these are filtered in the near future.

Link: Windows 9今日正式开始开发 (My Driver)

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