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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft begins to eliminate your Starter office suite

Microsoft begins to eliminate your Starter office suite

Some time ago, began offering a basic version and advertise your office suite called Starter, this was intended to prevent users from pirated versions of Office installed. However, it seems that success could not have expected and determined that the Redmond also fail to develop and distribute.

That’s why in a few weeks is expected out of a public beta, which is intended primarily for manufacturers would begin to default install on their computers and so these have access to Office Web applications. Similarly this release a new version when 2013 will see the light.

Moreover, the Redmond also released a package for manufacturers that erases the previous Office starter which also brings in its place an access to download the Office 2010 in test mode.

Moreover, manufacturers can no longer acquire more licenses of Office Starter, since the idea is that when you start to sell computers with Windows 8, these are not distributed with Office 2012 Starter. However, users who already installed this version of course will continue to use this. After all, also paid a license for the suite when they buy their laptops and / or desktop computers.

Link: Microsoft Begins phasing out Starter edition of ITS Office suite (ZDNet)

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