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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Companies, Economy |

Microsoft burned energy “left over” for not paying fines

(Cc) United Nations Photo

The idea that we need to save and should be burned into our heads, however, occasionally occur absurd situations like this where deliberately wasted lot of energy to get rid of a fine.

The issue occurred because the utility of Quincy, Washington, where Microsoft installed a Datacenter in 2006, not only makes a fine on companies that use more energy than they indicated they would use, but also the fine when they consume less.

Then Microsoft should pay a fine of USD $210,000 by using less energy than they had estimated it would use. However, the company began to waste starting to walk around aimlessly giant heaters to try and get to share energy, and avoid paying the fine. The company had threatened to continue burning until power will lower the payment of the fine, which finally happened when the charge was reduced to $60,000.

According to the documents, data center energy consumption of Microsoft rose from 28.5 million to 34 million watts from 16 watts to 19 December last year.

Microsoft is not the first company to which this happens. Yahoo was also fined over estimate the amount of energy consumed and must pay $94,608 USD without hesitation.

A Microsoft official told the New York Times that the decision to reduce the penalty that took the power company “illogical eliminated the financial incentive that made Microsoft consume unnecessary power to avoid further penalty.”

Link: Data Barns in a Farm Town, gobbling Power and Flexing Muscle (NYTimes)

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