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Posted by on May 19, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft calls for users to trust their applications for Metro

Microsoft calls for users to trust their applications for Metro

Through the company’s official blog, published a post calling for to trust the Metro lifestyle in its future operating system, Windows 8. The Redmond ensure that applications will undergo a thorough review before being offered to users, so that they can assume that it will perform as expected without causing major problems for your system.

This will ensure the quality and performances of the applications once they are thrown out running in the system and does not undermine the rest, they say.

Thus, once launched the service, will be opportunity for the community to evaluate, comment on the application and interact with other users. So applications that reach the top and excel will owe their success solely to the score you give surfers the software, which also lead to some more downloaded than others.

In addition to the assessment by users, the site of each application show the permissions that will get this once you have installed. Then, if an application will start to have suspicious activity, you can report malicious content is removed from the download page.

So Microsoft will achieve a permanent and direct contact with users to help them solve any problems that are related to applications, which according to Microsoft expected to increase the of the people to their new product.

Although users do not report any complaint or application, the app store will reserve some data about the use of applications, such as failures and errors that throw this. Thus the company will be alert to any suspicious activity or behavior that does not meet the expectations of possible affected.

Link: Delivering reliable and trustworthy Metro style apps (Microsoft Blog)

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