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Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft changed the name “Metro” for Windows 8 per issue with the brand

We have about two years talking about “Metro style”, which debuted for the first time Windows Phone 7 . However, just a couple of months in the final release of 8, the new operating system from Microsoft, the company will be renamed.

The information was revealed by an internal memo to employees where the company states that “conversations with an important European partner” led to the decision to “discontinue use” of the name “Metro” for the of the products of the company. The cessation of the use of the name must be immediate, according to leaked by The Verge .

Not yet known what name will be used for replacement, although the memo says that the team working on it and plan to have a decision “by the end of this week”, which should be during this weekend. Until then people should relate to the design as “Windows-style user interface 8″ (or Windows 8 UI style).

It is not known who the “European partner” who complained about the use of the name, but according to an anonymous source, it would be Metro AG, a German business. A Microsoft spokesman did not confirm publicly that the change is due to a dispute marks, noting simply that “as we approach the launch and the transition from dialogue with the industry to a broader dialogue with consumers, we will use our names commercial. “

Exclusive: Microsoft’s Metro branding to Be Replaced ‘this week’ According To internal memo (The Verge)
Is ‘Metro’ now a banned word at Microsoft? (ZDNET)

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