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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Entertainment, Gadgets |

Microsoft claims a patent for a “holodeck” for living

A new application shows what could be one of the company’s plans to take your console to the next level. The idea is to project a “peripheral image” in the room where you are playing, to create a virtual scene in 360°.

The application is named “immersive screen experience” and many are brought back memories of the “holodeck”, a simulated reality facility used Star Trek. The order was entered by Microsoft in 2011 and describes a video game system connected to an “environmental screen” capable of projecting panoramic images around the user.

The projector will not replace the TV, which is where you keep playing, but it would bring to the user to feel really in the game, giving possibilities like looking backwards or sideways and see if an enemy is coming down your back.

The integrated display is described as a depth camera system (which would be Kinect), and even the projector can be installed on the same machine. The cameras would help the environmental projection system to recognize the shape of the room, providing tools such as color correction and distortion caused by the walls, so that the projected images look good no matter what kind of walls or furniture you have in place .

The system also would use the position of the user to adjust the perspective of the image to make it look properly when the user moves in the lounge. Projected images may also work with 3D using stereoscopic glasses to add depth and realism to the system, according to the request.

Sounds really interesting experience games like this. Can Microsoft pull it off?

Link: Microsoft patent application shows holodeck-style “immersive display” (via ArsTechnica gameshotpedia )

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