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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft does not use Aero desktop in Windows 8

Microsoft does not use Aero desktop in Windows 8

The biggest change that brings comes on the heels of the new Metro, made of simple pictures using stylized fonts and photos. This is a digital interface that tries to imitate anything in the real world (as a “desktop”) and has a flat, leaving the relief, texture and imitations of how things look in reality.

The idea is far from what has been Windows yet, and the mixture of both – through the Desktop application on Windows 8 – clearly reveals the dissonance between the two styles.

Thus, decided to make some changes to the desktop, which should improve the user experience by making it more consistent. The new desktop will be simple and flat, getting rid of Aero and a transparent and rounded. The new desktop eliminates the effects of glass, using pure colors, and buttons do not “stand”, they are flat rectangles.

Even so, the desktop will remain a desk and maintain its functionality, using the same tools they already know. This new desktop will not appear in the Preview Release version , but in the final version of the software that goes on sale.

The image that is above is the only picture that shows what, if anything discarded changes to the final version here.

Multiple monitors

Microsoft also announced enhancements to the system to use multiple monitors, whereas about 15% of desktop users of this operating system work with more than one screen. Currently Windows 8 uses the corners of the screen for several important operations, and even when using a single screen works great when you have more than one monitor access menus becomes a problem because when you try to find the corner you pass the mouse next to the monitor.

To solve this problem, the integrated Release Preview “traps” which are barriers to 6 pixels at the edge of the screen. To be wider than a single pixel, it will be easier to point the mouse and open the menu, rather than sitting next to the monitor. There will also be deployed to all corners of menus, no matter which monitor is to facilitate access.

Creating the Windows 8 user experience (Building Windows  )
Enhancing Windows 8 for multiple monitors (Windows Building 8)

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