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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft explains the disappearance of the start button on Windows 8

Microsoft explains the disappearance of the start button on Windows 8

50% of the solutions to problems in the version that begins with: “Go home and look …” The other 50% of the problems is solved by “off and turns back on.” Now that Microsoft decided to remove the in Windows 8, what will become of us?

Do not think that was a decision taken lightly, according to Microsoft, they have witnessed how people preferred to use the new taskbar as a way to find the applications they need. Information obtained by customer experience prompted Microsoft to conclude that use of the home button was falling.

But fear not, because Microsoft will not let their loyal users abandoned. Are planned several types of scenarios (refer to imagine configurations) and consider that many users will prefer to stay in traditional desktop mode.

Although the start button and start bar are removed from Windows 8, many of its functions remain. The Hot Corner is the replacement for the start button will have many good things that will allow the home screen.

Do not know about you but I’m gonna miss that little rascal, the truth is that rarely use the start button, but sometimes I get to find programs or tools from the start menu, as old man who still uses Windows 98.

Link: Microsoft Explains why it Windows 8 Killed the Start button (The Verge)

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