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Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Internet |

Microsoft forgot to block some user name of new webmail Outlook, as Gates and Ballmer

Microsoft forgot to block some user name of your new webmail Outlook, as Gates and Ballmer

Maybe one employee has already been left in the street after learning this news, which confirms the saying that even the best hunter the hare escapes.

As happened when Mark Zuckerberg had become the user with the most followers on Google+, this time, the ironic news is a little more complicated to solve, since after the release of , your email service Web marks a new era in Microsoft products, someone forgot that some accounts as Bill.Gates or should be restricted to the record, but it’s late, because someone else did.

The report has already reached the highest levels of with a brief list to show the seriousness of the problem, not because their original owners can not use the accounts, but because they could be used shape for any kind of scam or marketing.

In the list of email kidnapped in addition to the mencionadass include:

Also have been registered as funny and some who sincerely believe that they would not overlook Microsoft technicians but apparently that did not happen:,,,,,

In this case, until Microsoft make a decision on this issue will await further news proving that some other account may be available or do you already did? Well, I regret to say that already registered.

Link: Email Addresses For Microsoft Should Have Kept Themselves (gizmodo)

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