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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Gadgets |

Microsoft: “In 2013 it sold more tablets than desktop PCs”

As part of the talks TechEd Amsterdam, Antoine Leblond of issued important statements about what they believe in your company is the trend for future computing devices, where the caption will be starring in mobile devices, specifically the tablets.

Because it was said, next year 2013 will sell more of these devices, desktop computers, since it is argued, “the Touch also comes to PCs and dramatically change the way the user interfaces are designed as did the mouse. In this, he stresses the importance of the interface in Windows 8 Metro, especially made for this niche.

And in his time, windowing and mouse pointer was revolutionary, but that was long ago and the touch-screen input, driven in mobile phones and tablets, it seems we are facing another paradigm shift that will change and completely revolutionize the way we interact with all PCs, because as already said, is also expected that even desktops and notebooks have touchpads massively in the near future.

Link: Microsoft says tablets will outsell PCs in 2013 (Fudzilla)

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