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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

Microsoft: In the near future no one can live without the Home screen

Microsoft: In the near future no one can live without the Home screen

Without doubt the most controversial feature of the current operating system Microsoft Windows 8 is its new home screen , which has as many supporters as detractors (though perhaps more of the latter). tries to appease critics of the home screen, giving their advantages.

Microsoft does not intend to bring back the old for users, but this is not a concern for many because there Classic Shell profits as they offer the same functionality of the start menu, and even allow you to hide the new home screen, but Microsoft does not recommend it, as there will enjoy the additional functionality of your new home screen.

Microsoft says its new home screen dashboard is the perfect utility that allows quick access to the content required by most users (but do not mention that you have to customize it to fulfill this task, but this task is quite simple), plus its Live Tiles “live tiles” put you closer to the things you want to do, because you can observe many tasks simultaneously and in real time, instead of resorting to click on each application one by one to appreciate your information.

Microsoft also reminds us that the start menu (task manager replacement for Windows 3.11 and earlier) released with Windows 95 was also strongly criticized at first, but became a feature without which many may live, and the home screen Windows 8 will have the same fate, so it’s only a matter of time until everyone gets used.

I should mention that while the introduction of the Start menu is replaced fully graphical task manager with simplified interface for a very long time in the menu bars of many MS-DOS and Windows, with the home screen will return to times the device manager with fully graphical interface, only replacing the icons on tiles and window mode for full-screen mode.

Since I consider myself a veteran Windows user (if I used the program manager at the time), I had a hard time getting used to the home screen, but apparently not so seasoned users of Windows who never had the opportunity to use the task manager, they are finding something to get used. At least we do not have to thank Microsoft designed a Ribbon Start “Film Guide” as its greatest innovation in user interfaces, but better not give them ideas.

Link: New Windows Boss Explains Why You Do not Need a Start Button (Softpedia)

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