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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft is already selling advance Windows 8

Microsoft is already selling advance Windows 8

Today was a busy day for Microsoft, having several developments around 8. First, Sony and Dell are already selling their first teams with the software platform, which will be handed out to the market just the operating system, ie coming October 26 .

However, there is already moving tabs for those who want to book in advance your product alone. First, opened the possibility to buy a DVD copy of the files required to upgrade from Windows 7, not the case of the version to install on a computer hard drive clean and reformatted. It costs USD $70 and is called Windows 8 Pro upgrade. Random, you can play one of the five boxes that we show in the picture, which will be given to those who purchase now on 26.

But if you want a disc and you choose the way of digital download via the Internet, you can upgrade from Windows 7 at a reduced price of $40, saving you $ 30, but having to wait until October 26 and not receiving physical box as in the previous case.

Now, if you have a license for Windows 7 original and want to buy to install from scratch on your machine, on the other hand Oct. 26 you can buy Windows 8 OEM version at a reduced price of $99, with Windows 8 Professional which will be available for $139, lower costs of which had in the past Windows 7. For these products still missing information on reserve them in advance, unlike the updates mentioned in the preceding paragraphs.

Link: Windows 8 packaging and pricing revealed: $ 99 OEM Standard, Pro Pack $ 139, pre-order from today (Engadget)

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