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Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Companies |

Microsoft is planning major restructuring, focusing on Xbox and Skype

Microsoft is planning major restructuring, focusing on Xbox and Skype

is planning an internal restructuring rather large, changing the position of executives to strengthen its division “devices and services,” says All Things D. According to the newspaper, the new structure could include major roles for the head of servers, Satya Nadella, head of Skype, Tony Bates, who heads area, Don Mattrick.

It is unclear how this change will impact software divisions as and Windows Phone, but modifications indicate that Microsoft is taking seriously the creation of hardware and provide services for both consumers and businesses.

With the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft placed the console as a key player in the living room , which is dedicated exclusively to video games, but entertainment services. There are also rumors about a tablet 7 inch Surface a smart watch, and even a low-cost version of the Xbox.

On the other hand, the company seems to be sending the Windows brand into the background. Although the Xbox using this software, there are no signs of the brand in the console. Meanwhile, it is said that Surface tablets begin to be called “Surface RT” or “Surface Pro”, instead of Windows RT Surface or Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft has been trying to turn since the launch of Windows 8 , to catch up with the world of tablets and the fall of the traditional PC market.

Link: Microsoft ponders major restructuring, Wall Street amid Renewed focus (AllThingsD)

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