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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Companies |

Microsoft is reorganized to create products and services faster

Microsoft is reorganized to create products and services faster

As leaked , today officially unveiled its restructuring, which enhances the company’s ability to create devices and services. Several areas change, but remain CEO – no change of leadership at this level.

However, disappear the five business areas covering Microsoft: Windows, Server and Tools Business Division, Entertainment and Devices and Online Sales, replaced by a new framework.

Microsoft’s goal with these changes is to try to become more agile company that can respond quickly. The slogan of the reorganization is “A Microsoft”, with the idea that the company should move from being a lot of groups that operate each one by hand, to a more cohesive and collaborative unit.

The new structure should help Microsoft to create new hardware, software and services more quickly to align the teams must work together creating common programming interfaces, common stores, common applications and services in common between different devices company or competition.


There are newer divisions aiming to be more globally – for example, all operating systems will be together, trying to share more technologies, and marketing is no longer internal matter for each division, but will be a global unit that works for all the company.

However, creates four groups of Engineering and some additional units.

  • Engineering Group Operating Systems: Paid by Terry Myerson (which until now was in engineering Windows Phone), the unit will cover all operating systems from mobiles, consoles and PCs to back-end systems. The key you run in the cloud operating systems will also be monitored from here.
  • Device Engineering Group and Study: Paid by Julie Larson-Green (previously head of Windows and Surface), the unit will be responsible for hardware development, supply chain and study experiences for games, music, video and entertainment.
  • Applications Engineering Group and Services: A charge of Qi Lu (previously head of online services), will handle productivity applications and services, communications, search and other categories of information.
  • Engineering Group and Enterprise Cloud: In charge of Satya Nadella (so far Server and Tools boss), is responsible for developing datacenter technologies, databases, and systems development companies.
  • Marketing: Creates an area of marketing that will cover the entire company and will be in charge of Tami Reller (current Windows chief marketing and Surface).
  • Business development and evangelism group: They created this new unit will be led by former Skype CEO Tony Bates, who will focus on the relationship with partners (manufacturers, suppliers, developers, etc.).

It also created a new financial group, in charge of the current CFO of Microsoft, Amy Hood, while manjeo legal affairs and human resources remain the same.

Link: One Microsoft: Company realigns to enable innovation at Greater speed, efficiency (Microsoft)

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