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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Internet |

Microsoft launches integrated with Skype and unlimited storage today launched a new email client is not a redesign of the old and overloaded Hotmail, but one created from scratch with a fairly clean interface and with almost no advertising. While their functions are similar between the two email services, minimalist looks much like its competition, Gmail.

Apart from a more clean, the people of designed more discreet ways to show ads, avoiding overloaded colors advertising and using the databases of various social networks with whom we worked together, have managed to control the sending spam by verifying the actual existence of the person behind the emails received.

Microsoft claims that it offers a capacity ‘virtually unlimited’, and invitations are not required to start using the service now, which also comes with full integration with Skype for video calls.

Link: preview: Microsoft reinvents email STI Online Offerings (Engadget)

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