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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

Microsoft launches Windows Server 2012 oriented cloud

Microsoft launches Windows Server 2012 oriented cloud

After four years of development, enters fully into the era of with Windows Server 2012, the new operating system version aimed at the business sector. has just released this Server 2012 in several editions, depending on the needs of their customers (and their intentions virtualization, incidentally).

There are two main editions: Standard and Datacenter. The main difference between the two is the number of virtual machines that can run on the operating system, limited to two in Standard and Datacenter unlimited. A third version of receives the name of Essentials, is aimed at small and medium enterprises, and allows up to 25 users. More importantly, some features that were previously beyond the reach of smaller companies-such as the clustering option – now available without the need to purchase more expensive licenses, or in some cases to upgrade hardware.

According to Microsoft’s own people, Windows Server 2012 “expands the definition of a server-oriented operating system”, thanks to major advances in automation, storage, networking and virtualization. The idea is to go slowly embracing cloud computing and not only by big companies but also those small businesses that could start processing your data a little less centralized than before.

Of course, Windows Azure will play an important part with the new Windows Server in the cloud ecosystem that Microsoft is driving slowly


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