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Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in Hardware News |

Microsoft limits the number of assemblers that will make Windows tablets RT

Microsoft limits the number of assemblers that will make Windows tablets RT

Microsoft has on the oven door to the operating system Windows 8, which among several major changes, brings support for architecture microprocessors. This comes thanks to the Windows version of RT, allowing the entry of tablets with low power consumption and different platform to the x86 market.

But how will this mass arrival? Apparently, not quite, as reported by sources within the industry, Microsoft has limited the number of manufacturers that can be assembled devices with these features. This works this way: each of the three ARM chipmakers major assemblers may choose two, so be turning six brands in the market during the first months of life of Windows 8.

As indicated, the choices are already taken. and took Lenovo, Texas Instruments (TI) went with and finally chose and HP, although the latter are not sure or not to enter this market, looking for better focus on x86, so his arch could be taken by Dell.

Thus, the options will be reduced to a maximum of six, with IT providing even a quota for “gift”, in what will be the arrival of the tablets with probably in January next year 2013 during the CES 2013.

Link: Microsoft Windows to OEMs RT: ‘If your name’s not on the list, you’re not making a tablet’ (Engadget)

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