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Posted by on Jun 30, 2013 in Companies |

Microsoft loses legal rights to the name “SkyDrive” in Europe

This Friday June 28 last year, lost a major lawsuit to defend the brand in the UK, which has been claimed by television provider that is part of the conglomerate News Corporation.

It happens that BSkyB, despite offering a completely different from SkyDrive, has a mobile phone application called “Sky” award streaming or live streaming content over the Internet, so they claim that they share part of the caption with Microsoft and that the existence of SkyDrive as an application within the same field may confuse customers of Sky.

That’s why the British court ruled in favor of BSkyB, which could result in Microsoft have to change the name of SkyDrive in Europe, that is, if the appeal process fails that Microsoft will use now to reverse the ruling.

Link: Microsoft loses in court in SkyDrive UK trademark dispute but will appeal (Neowin)

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