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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft officially revealed Windows 8

Microsoft officially revealed Windows 8

Steven Sinofsky, person in charge of the division of and Windows Live at Microsoft, launched the live organized a day early to officially launch Windows 8, the new operating system will be available from tomorrow October 26 around the world.

Sinofsky began with a review of the history of the platform, reporting, for example, that Windows 7 has sold over 670 million licenses worldwide, then the past soaring Windiws remember when 95 was popular until today when Windows August promises to deliver a new experience to the user, based on that thanks to public beta (consumer preview), the software has been tested by more than 1,240 million hours before general release.

Also, the app store for (Windows Store) will be available from 231 countries and markets, marking the grand opening of this platform for software. In addition, on Windows RT highlighted the benefits we all already know and from the use of ARM hardware platform (lower energy consumption, etc.), including the information that there are 420 million peripheral supports Windows RT and work right in it, such as printers, mice, keyboards, and so on.

Then, as it is almost tradition in Windows releases, it showed some of the new equipment that will bring life to the latest generation of laptops and desktop PCs, taking almost all share two characteristics: they are ultra-thin have touch screens.

As expected, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, also appeared on stage, talking about the generalities of Windows 8 and how different equipment formats revolutionize the industry: convertibles, hybrids, tabeltas, desktop PCs, notebooks is said to be … “a PC for every type of person”, resulting in taste to all kinds of users around the world.

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