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Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft Partners with Canonical to support Ubuntu on Azure

Microsoft Partners with Canonical to support Ubuntu on Azure

Azure, Microsoft’s cloud, began to support Linux-based operating systems, and one of the first to join was Ubuntu. Mark Shuttleworth, project leader and founder of Canonical, made the announcement on his blog, praising the Microsoft platform.

“The team led by has a sophisticated knowledge of and in general. They are taking a pragmatic approach that will raise eyebrows at the Redmond campus, but that’s exactly what customers want to see. We have a similar view. I know there will be members of the community of free software that will jump at the opportunity of admonishing Microsoft for its very existence, but Ubuntu is not doing that: we discuss our perspective, we work to achieve our goals, we are open to those who are open with us and build cool stuff. Nothing owner in Ubuntu for Azure, and not turn our backs on our values, “he said.

will provide official Ubuntu images for Azure and will provide commercial support to customers who are implementing the operating system through Microsoft’s cloud. After Azure is updated in the coming months, users can purchase a support contract with Canonical directly through Gallery.

Cloud computing is important for Canonical, which is to be noted in the server market. Microsoft also is positive to have a powerful partner in the Linux ecosystem to return to a competitive offer to Azure services such as Amazon offered, for example.

It is possible that many Linux fans are horrified at the idea, but this deal is likely to be beneficial for both in business terms. If Azure helps strengthen the business side of Ubuntu, might help to get more resources to improve all its versions.

Link: Canonical partners with Microsoft to support Ubuntu on Azure (ArsTechnica)

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