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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft patches Windows vulnerability used by malware Flame

Microsoft patches Windows vulnerability used by malware Flame

The Iranian computer systems are the focus of the current cyber war is going on, praised the recent discovery of malware called Flame , ultimate spyware is even able to activate the microphone on the infected PC to steal information.

Now came out this program in its method of attack took advantage of a vulnerability in digital certificates, allowing some components of to appear before the platform as having been made by Microsoft, being that it is malware.

Once they realized that the company’s engineers went to work now to launch an emergency update via Windows Update, applicable to almost all versions of the operating system and prevents Flame impersonate a Microsoft software and obtain permissions on the system should not contributing to the safety of ordinary users cope with this threat has been called “one of the most complex ever discovered.”

Link: Emergency Windows Update Microsoft released to thwart spoofed certificate in Flame malware (The Verge)

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