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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

Microsoft: PC stands for Custom Computing

Microsoft: PC stands for Custom Computing

Since IBM introduced the pc on August 12, 1981, defined this acronym as a personal computer or personal computer , a device that many initially associated with a desktop computer, but the definition has evolved over time.

Since IBM left the PC market, companies like have tried to take control of them, and even redefined under a Concept adapted to the present times, as the late PC+ (PC Plus), and now return to the fray with a new meaning for this acronym, which leaves the meaning of personal computer to become “Personalized Computing” (Personalized Computing).

With this re-definition of PC, Microsoft announced that the PC in its evolution is no longer a physical device to become a platform for all kinds of devices, thanks to the Microsoft applications provide a consistent computing experience , which will suit every need, from any device.

The truth is that PCs are much more than the meaning of simple abbreviations represent the engine that started the shift to modern times, and much of what follows. So much so that even influential companies like Microsoft or Apple will let these acronyms into oblivion may redefine it, but in no way change a new one, at least not for now.

Link: Microsoft Redefines “PC” to be “Personalized Computing” (Tom’s Hardware)

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