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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Hardware |

Microsoft plans to build three million Surface units this year alone

Microsoft plans to build three million units this year alone Surface

Despite what they say manufacturers such as Acer , nothing stops the momentum that is taking to launch its new Surface. And according to analyst firm IDC, in Redmond would be producing 3 million tablets to kick-start mode.

In those millions to produce two models include the Surface, ARM and x86 processors. And Bob O’Donnell of IDC believes that a big production means that Microsoft is planning to distribute its new product through traditional channels, and not only via its official store: “You can build as many units without a distribution strategy according to the number. The issue is still not known that strategy. “

The analyst also speaks of hypothetical prices and options when purchasing the Surface. There could be two versions of the tablet, and not be ruled out a subscription model, Microsoft already has some experience in these conflicts through the Xbox 360, $99 sold in the U.S., and comes with a two-year contract Xbox Live, paying $15 a month.

O’Donnell has some questions regarding a subscription, thinking that “a PC has never worked under that model, and the is basically a PC”. On the other hand, a Surface as cheap could mean that people put aside other alternatives to Windows 8, which clearly would be detrimental to Microsoft because their interest is primarily selling software.

Keep licensing in the store probably is not something that Microsoft would like to happen.

Link: Microsoft to build more than 3 million tablets Surface, says IDC (CNET)

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