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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Companies |

Microsoft releases first TV commercial for Windows 8

Microsoft releases first TV commercial for Windows 8

is just around the corner and will try to convince you to use from day one, for it will spend between $ 1,500 and USD $ 1,800 million in marketing , including obviously contemplated by the ads.

The first TV spot shows a somewhat different concept of what we usually see in advertising company (or most hardware companies for that matter). Instead of wanting to sell the idea of a supposedly perfect life that you have to buy an operating system or computer hardware, Microsoft chose to show that Windows 8 is now fun and creative.

The fact that the ad is not as fun as I want to see but we must also recognize that we have seen worse as the ads that came to take for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Besides spending millions on advertising, Microsoft will also adopt a very aggressive pricing policy for the change of operating system is not as strong spending in other years.

Link: Microsoft prepares for Windows 8 launch with first official TV commercial (Boy Genius Report)

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