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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft releases new version of Kinect for Windows

Microsoft releases new version of Kinect for Windows

As promised: announced that version 1.5 of the SDK for is now available for downloading online and includes all the features promised for developers. As you will realize on the list, this update schedule is very robust and includes new features to the motion sensor, among which are:

  • Kinect Studio, so you can record and play back your data Kinect.
  • The set of Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) in other words, is a guide for developers to improve the creation of movements with Natural User Interfaces.
  • The SDK for face tracking that provides a 3D mesh for facial recognition, tracking of head position and location of eyebrows and mouth shape.
  • Tracking bones “Seated” or “10-joint” which is basically that you can recognize a user sitting or standing.
  • New samples for C + +, C # and a basic series for Visual Basic in addition to the aforementioned languages.
  • Includes Spanish language. as well as French, Italian and Japanese.
  • Updates the existing languages for speech recognition by country: Spanish from Spain and Mexico, British English, Irish English, English in Australia, New Zealand English, Canadian English, French in France, French Canada, Italy Italian, Japanese in Japan.

With these tools you will surely be easier to develop interactive applications. Remember that not only focuses on video games so you can explayarte to other areas of development.

Link: Microsoft

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