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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft releases update to combat the virus Flame

Microsoft releases update to combat the virus Flame

(Cc) matthewvenn

After you reveal more about how the operates Flame, released an update that tries to end the “deception” that carried out the virus to Windows Update , and allowed to download the as if it were an operating system upgrade .

Microsoft released an upgrade of digital certificates, which will remove the trusted certificates that are not Vista or Windows 7. Counterfeit or stolen certificates will be in an “unauthorized certificate” that is updated daily.

used a forged certificate to fool Windows that your code was legitimate, exploiting the Windows Terminal Server Licensing Service, which uses older encryption algorithms. Microsoft discontinued this system generated certificates and blocked him.

Also try to avoid exploits of its kind in the future, thanks to the list of unauthorized certificates can be updated quickly, canceling attacks quickly. The update, however, can cause problems with encrypted certificates older than 1024 bits, which will be marked as invalid even if they come from a trusted source.

Link: Microsoft releases certificate updater malware in response to Flame (SlashGear)

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