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Posted by on Aug 11, 2012 in Hardware News |

Microsoft responds to criticism of the developers of games and applications

Microsoft responds to criticism of the developers of games and applications

Recently we have seen the destructive views into 8 of many important game developers like Gabe Newell (Valve) , Rob Pardo (Blizzard) , Markus Persson (Mojang/Minecraft) and John Carmack (ID Software), as well as by developers applications such as Brad Wardell (Stardock), which described the new operating system as “catastrophe”, “no good” “bad for independent games”, “no benefit”, “schizophrenic”, “unpleasant” and “a nightmare”, the latter three from Stardock.

Many of these comments stem from attempts by Microsoft to promote their own services for the sale of games and applications as well as his refusal to accept third-party utilities to bring back life to the very popular start menu. But they are right or not, these comments could not go unanswered by Microsoft.

Microsoft argues that game developers have no reason to worry, because is committed to both casual and hardcore gamers, and is intended to become a highly integrated platform for games, integrating many of the services of its Xbox console in the operating system itself.

Although the new system offers a new user interface now known as Modern UI , it does not mean that bypasses legacy applications and games (developed for the traditional desktop-based interface), which are fully supported, even in their older versions.

I should mention that Microsoft’s defense I outgrew it and does not clear any fears manifested by application developers who criticized Windows 8.

Link: Microsoft Responds to Windows 8 Hate From Game Devs (Tom’s Hardware)

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