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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Software | 1 comment

Microsoft sends emails with tutorials for new users of Windows 8

Microsoft sends emails with tutorials for new users of Windows 8

began sending emails to assist new users of Windows 8, explaining how to perform certain functions within the system. Users who have connected a to a Microsoft receive these socrreos, describing the home screen and the “live tiles”, also explained the functioning of the “charms” in the right-side menu and how see two applications simultaneously.

In a second email detailing how to customize your computer and get applications. The emails include links to Microsoft’s site which explains details of the operating system.

This is a good move by Microsoft, considering that Windows 8 is very different from what we knew so far and should have a number of users confused about how to use it. If in doubt, you can check out these videos that we made in technewspedia , or more details about Windows 8 .

They can also see in this example if you do not know what Windows 8 and try to use it when you’re drunk.

Link: Windows 8 users now getting ‘how-to’ e-mails from Microsoft (CNET)

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1 Comment

  1. yes this seems to be a good idea but the emails are a little bit annoying and seem to just be another sales pitch here are some videos if you want to see how to use windows 8 not just read a sales pitch